Accurate and Detailed Alignment Services

Since its inception in 1980, The Right Alignment Company has safely worked in a wide array of industries, providing accurate, detailed alignment services with superior customer service. Our knowledge of alignment principles allows us to align any equipment, machines, or process lines. Proper alignment increases machine life, product quality, and productivity.

We take pride in a job well done – “Alignment Done Right” is more than a motto – it’s our mission. Our reputation for thoroughness has allowed our business to remain strong for over 35 years.

With the experience and expertise to solve your alignment problem, The Right Alignment Company’s services come standard with:

  • Optical and laser equipment providing accurate readings to .001”
  • Two-person mobile alignment teams
  • Detailed communication with you throughout the process, including reports on profiling and diagnosis of problem areas
  • Options to get the project completed in the way that suits your needs best – either by working with your staff as a team or by completing the project independently.